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Welcome to the Parker Strong Family Page.


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Welcome to the Parker-Strong Web Page.  We hope you enjoy the work that has been done so far. Please join us in adding information, pictures and stories you might have collected over the years.  WE preserve our family history because it gives us and the generations to come a sense of belonging to a group of people who have triumphed over adversity.  Imagine being able to say that our great-great-grandparents were born into oppressive social and economic conditions, but because of their sacrifices, ingenuity, hard work, and vision, WE, as their descendants, are able to take advantage of amazing opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. WE own businesses.  WE have founded churches and missionary organizations.  Many of the younger generation have attended trade schools, have gone to or are currently in college.  Several of the descendants have travelled and worked internationally.



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The family values that we have all witnessed, no matter how much or how little contact we had with Parker and Strong elders, always shone through whatever disagreements or hard times might arise. WE believe in the following principles as taught by and observed in our ancestors:

WE Believe in the Parker-Strong Family Creed:

Love and take care of each other.

Forgive when necessary.

Do unto others as we would have others do unto us.

Use our talents to help others in the community.

Remember to get as much education as we can.

Be entrepreneurial, CREATE and /or OWN something!!

Keep spirituality at the center of our lives!



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Special thanks to Georgette Poole and Charcola Sapp Howard, great-granddaughters of Jodie and Johnnie Mae Parker for having the idea, the vision and the love to organize this first Parker-Strong Family Reunion being held in Loachapoka, Alabama the weekend of July 13-14, 2013.  Thanks also to Shaka  Jamal Redmond, great-grandson of Jodie and Johnnie Mae Parker for his work in setting up the Parker-Strong website and for agreeing to manage the additions and corrections in the future.  Thanks also to Gregory Redmond, grandson-in-law of Jodie and Johnnie Parker for searching US Census records, genealogical records, including Mormon Church records and the very dusty ones in the Macon County Court House in order to create the family tree.  Special thanks also to Lessie Parker for collecting ancestral pictures over the years and making them available for publication.   Finally, thanks to everyone for their support of the young Parker-Strong descendants on the Planning Committee—our future– as they take leadership in preserving their heritage—and a fine one they have to preserve!


Corrections, suggestions, additional pictures and information may be sent to Shaka Redmond at or Sonjia Redmond at  Documents may be scanned and emailed or hard copies may be sent to 6415 Swainland Road, Oakland, Ca. 94611.